Monday, April 20, 2009

The Royal Easter Show

First it sprinkled, then the sun shone, then it poured again. The food was terrible, the kids whinged but we still had a ball!

Lottie went on a roller coaster all by herself, Will came last in the sack race, but he was the littlest kid in it and couldn't stop laughing the whole way, Mr Big and the kids all rode the giant slide and thought it was the best part of the whole day.
Oh and they want to get rid of the slide! Can you believe that? I can't. It is an essential part of the Easter Show and the thing my kids have always loved most. I even remember going on it as a child with my dad. I clasped his hand so tightly as we climbed the rickety metal steps all the way to the top and then while screaming with delight on the way down his little terry towelling hat blew off and we had to search for it at the bottom. I will be so sad if the slide goes. Help them save the slide here


Corrie said...

there is something so traditional about the show! I love it!

we didn't even go into the rides section but I'm sure that time will come!


sophie said...

All I can say is that you are brave! I haven't been for a few years and this year no one even mentioned it phew!!
Glad you all had a fun day out.

Cass said...

We went last Monday and we didn't even think of the giant slide. We did the merry go round of course and the giant wheel thingy.