Saturday, April 24, 2010

saturday night dinner

Mac and cheese with spinach and bacon. Yum yum.
Baked in vintage pink daisy pyrex to try and make it pretty.

Just use your favourite mac and cheese recipe, throw a defrosted cube or two of frozen spinach into the sauce, sprinkle with crispy bacon and a mix of tasty and parmesan cheese and there you have it! Serve with warm crusty rolls for mouth watering goodness.

For some reason the spinach alleviates any guilt I may have about all the butter, cheese and bacon. Wholemeal macaroni would make me feel even better about it but I can never find wholemeal mac. Do they even make it? I am sure they do. Please tell me if you know somewhere I can get my hands on some.


Posie Patchwork said...

See i'm so behind the times, RetroMummy did a macaroni & cheese post this week & i confessed, i'd never ever made it, or tried anyone elses, even with my large family to feed. Yours looks good, bet the family loved it!! Love Posie

Kylie said...

Yummo! Definitely one to try!

Damaris said...

this looks so delish! I love spinach and I love bacon and mac and cheese is a favorite around here.

Cass said...

Looks good, that's on the menu at our house tomorrow night minus the spinach as Jeff hates the stuff. Might have to do half with half without

Linda said...

this looks delicious!!! and so does your pink Pyrex!! love it