Monday, May 17, 2010

can you help me pretty please?

I want this pattern desperately! I have contacted the fabulously talented sugar city girls but it seems there isn't any more available *insert little sad sob here*

If anyone has a copy laying about that they no longer need I would love to buy it from you. Or perhaps we could do a swap for some Euro or vintage patterns? Pretty pretty please with sugar on top!

image from sugar city shop


Corrie said...

I'm pretty sure Alison from 6.5 stitches had that pattern at a sunday craft day... so go sweet talking!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't you love it when you get around to getting something and it's no longer available and that just makes you want it 100 times more!

good luck


Amy (badskirt) said...

If you find it, please put me in the queue for buying one too! LOVE

Kylie said...

It is a lovely pattern - sorry dont have it either. But standing in line too:)

vermiljoen said...

I have it, I live on totally the other side of the world, maybe we can find a solution. Mail me!

Selina said...

Did you ever manage to get this pattern? It's too cute!