Thursday, May 27, 2010

sharing isn't easy

Lottie and William share a room. They have shared since William left my bedside at 8 months old and up until now things have gone really well. They chatter and play and get on fabulously. But lately Lottie has been unhappy in the top bunk. I am not brave enough to put Will up there quite yet, so I am afraid she is stuck up there for a while. To cheer her up I decided to hang some old party bunting in their room. Big mistake. Lottie adores it but now Will is miserable and says it is a girls room. Well just take it down you say....not so easy. Lottie is adamant that the only thing making the top bunk bearable is the bunting. This is when I throw my hands up and roll my eyes. I want them both to be happy, and I do agree that the room is looking rather girly.

I am working on Will's quilt to try and appease him a little but I think this is just the start of a long running battle and I have no choice but to be referee. So if anyone has any decorating tips, I am open to new ideas. At the moment, their room has white walls, white bunks, white ikea expedit units with red boxes and assorted childrens junk throughout. I am not one for themes in kids bedrooms, more of a throw it all together and hope for the best kind of gal. What do you all think? Is it possible to make everyone happy?


Xena said...

what if you made a square shaped bunting to go around the inside of the "roof" part of the bottom bunk in fabrics he like. Kinda like a knights tent! Or you could similar fabrics to what your using in his quilt.

Michelle said...

Could you hang the bunting just above the top bunk instead of all around - just make it special for Lottie?

clare's craftroom said...

We had our boy and girl in the same room our very $$$$$ solution was to build another room ! I'm soory I'm no help but look forward to seeing how you get on . Great bunting anyway !

Cass said...

Looks like everyone's on the same wave length. I was going to say hang the bunting just above the top bunk too

Kylie said...

Good luck:) I like the bunting idea for Will. I have just put our two in the same room - their choice after going camping for two weeks they wanted to be together - it is working well. I am now attempting to turn the empty room into my sewing and craft room.

Milly said...

Bunting for Will hanging around the edge of the lower bunk.

Or line the underside of the top bunk with something... posters etc. Wont destroy the look of the room but he has his own "display
space that he can look at when he is in bed.

How about empty frames on the wall for him to put his oewn (extremely boyish) artwork in. Choose frames that alreay match your colourscheme, so it wont really matter what image he draws it will still all fit in at first glance.

Can you move use the Expedit as a room divider to create a little play little space for him behind it?

Peta said...

i will be watching this space as well. my older two share - daughter 6 and son almost 4. my daughter has just started saying she is not happy about the top bunk either. she wants them back as beds so she can 'lay on her bed and relax' (her words). like you i am reluctant to put my son up the top.

i like the bunting! its so hard finding linen that suits both genders and ages but still goes together. i am most definately not interested in any type of licensed merchandise linen so have struggled to find things that they and i both like. .... whats on their beds, if you don't mind me asking?

ingrid said...

Thanks for all the great ideas. I will definitely be putting some posters and stuff on the underside of the top bunk to make it nicer for Will. And I think some of their own artwork framed is a great idea too.

Peta, their beds have assorted mismatched quilts and linen on them atm. Hopefully they will both have quilts made by me on their beds before winter is over.

LittleWhiteDove said...

That bunting is just too cute! I don't think it's girly at all, but then, I'm not the boy in the room! I like the idea of having some square bunting around his part of the bunk, and the frames sound cute too.

Good luck finding a compromise!