Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I like it easy

I have been playing with the blocks for Will's quilt and getting very frustrated. I am not really a quilter and I find all the precision cutting a nightmare. I am doing a version of these scrappy hedgerow blocks by Oh Fransson. The tutorial is great, it is just that much to my disappointment I have discovered I am a lazy quilter and my maths leaves much to be desired.

So I am taking a bit of a break and doing quilt #2 for Kitty made with these pre-cut Moda swell charm squares. The first one I was in hurry and I made it too small so it is now a large pram snuggler instead of a cot quilt. This one is going to be a bit bigger than cot size so should work as a throw when she is big enough to move into a big girls bed. Lucky I have enough of the squares. I loved them so much I bought nine charm packs!

And you know what? I love quiting with these. I love not cutting, I love not thinking about maths at all, I love not having to think about matching fabrics.

I just sit and sew.

How lovely!


Andi said...

I love simple square quilts too!!
They really show off the fabrics.
Andi :-)

Belinda said...

Oh I hear you. I love charm packs. So, so (or is that sew) easy.

Mel said...

I also love charm packs (and jelly rolls) .. means my squares and rectanges are actually all one precise size *lol* ... Happy Quilting, I look forward to seeing the end result, Mel xox

Sarah. Splish Splash Designs said...

I've only made quilts with squares or rectangles. Much easier that way!

naomi said...

looks lovely Ingrid! I have only ever made square quilts as well (although I did cut them myself). Hope you are having some success making the older kids bedroom fun for all, sounds a little tricky! I am sure Will will love his boy quilt when it is finished, cant wait to see it!

Rach said...

Oh god, I can't cut straight to save myself, hence no quilts produced here. Well sloppy, old things that someone may accidentally call a quilt... Love the fabrics in the photo. x

jen said...

You are much braver than I! Just found your wonderful blog can't wait to explore it! HAve a wonderful day!

luvs and glitter

running thread said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Keep going!

Stink Bone Jones said...

I found you through flickr and have had a lot of fun looking through your photostream and your blog. I happen to love the party banner in your children's room. I don't think it looks too girly as I've seen that all over flickr as well and am making a paper one for my new baby boy.