Thursday, June 03, 2010


It is wet, very very wet.

The sun comes out for a few hours every few days and then the rain starts again.

I love it. It is snuggling weather, perfect for reading a good book, making quilts, baking yummy things in the kitchen and a good excuse for lazing around. The downside is the kids go stir crazy. If you too are trapped inside with kids who need entertaining check out red fish soup and mathletics. My two have been having a ball and I get a few minutes peace and quiet to go back to that book.


Belinda said...

Try reading eggs, I literally have to pry Abbey off it.

Fran said...

So nice to read something positive about all the rain :) I, like most I think, find the constant wet very trying. I shall try and see the positive side of it more often!

We love reading eggs too!!

ingrid said...

Oh yes, we love reading eggs too! Lottie was mad for it over the Christmas holidays but seems to have lost a bit of interest now. It really is a fabulous site.

Leni and Rose said...

Just checked out red fish soup - it's so great! Maddie's going to love playing around. It's raining here today, so it's this afternoons activity!

Jenni said...

some terrrific links, thanks for sharing!