Monday, August 30, 2010


sweet lottielulu, 2. Lottie, 3. on the swing, 4. guess who has discovered lipstick?, 5. new glasses #4, 6. Lottie in stella, 7. lottielulu 031, 8. Lottie's ballet concert, 9. little pink toes

Happy Birthday my fabulous girl!
I love you to the moon and back


zofia said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Lottie!
How the time does fly!

sophie said...

Happy birthday Lottie - wow, 7 is BIG!!

Selina said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!

Helen said...

Happy 7th birthday Lottie! I always think she is older than Grace but no, Grace was 7 in April, so only just older here. Fun times ahead for us Ingrid!

Rach said...

happy birthday - 7 is really, really grown up!