Friday, August 27, 2010

party night

Lottie turns 7 tomorrow. I can hardly believe it! Tonight we celebrated with a disco party at a local play centre. The kids had a ball. As much as I love organising kids parties, I have to say outsourcing the mayhem has its benefits. I felt rather relaxed all week and had none of the pre-party frazzle that I normally get. A few parents hung around and we even had nibbles and a few drinks. It was way more civilised than I had expected it to be. Of course that was because I didn't have to clean up the vomit of the poor guest who threw up in the foyer before they even joined the party ( that alone was worth the cost of the party), or deal with the crazy kid who ate too much sugar before going into a frenzy in the ball pit. I did have to wrestle an over tired baby but the the glass of champagne in the other hand made it all seem not too bad.

All I had to do was organise a cake and party favours. A giant peach frosted number 7 did the trick for the cake and for party favours Mr Big helped me make up some compilation CDs for the kids to take home. Of course I had to send them off with a little box of sugar as well. It isn't a real party without lollies to eat in the car after you say goodbye.


Little Munchkins said...

Happy birthday Lottie!

I can't believe she's 7 already. I still remember photos of her when she was 3 or 4.

I am also all for outsourcing parties now. DS had his at a playcentre this year - it was great. No cleaning up and no stress. Perfect!

Sally said...

Love your party favours!!!

... and a Happy Happy Birthday to Lottie! She looks super chuffed with her cake.

Car said...

Happy Birthday Lottie!

Those party favours look awesome!

Trish said...

Oh the CDs and sweets look lovely oh so does the cake. I can't believe she is 7 I remember how little she was when we started off in the sewing thread. I have to remind myself that I have a 5 year old now and my baby is 18 months where do the years go. (aka Flossie)

Kylie said...

No way - how can all of these little people be growing up so quickly??? Sounds like everyone had a great time- and where did you get the little boxes from - the are cute:)

Cass said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte. I bet they loved the cd's. We did Christmas ones for the kids in my Charlotte's class last year and they are still talking about them

Peta said...

the Cd is such a cute idea! you will have to share Lottie's play list :)

i am thinking that outsourcing may be the way to go for my next round of parties too ... i have already instilled the 'every second year' rule. on the off year the birthday child chooses where we go for dinner.

happy birthday!

Danielle said...

The CD is a great idea! And I love the party favour boxes too :)