Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank goodness for mad men

Kitty has tonsilitis.

I have slept the last two nights on a paper thin mattress on the floor next to her cot because if I leave her side it makes her cry.

I have not showered because it makes her cry.

I can only eat standing up balancing the baby in one arm and a fork in the other because if I put her down it makes her cry.

My back is killing me - I blame that darn mattress and the baby who won't be put down.

My rechargeable batteries will no longer recharge so I am camera-less.

I have missed reading at school all term and that makes the small boy quite sad and me quite guilty.

There is a mountain of dirty dishes stacked so high in the sink I cannot turn on the tap. And if I am totally honest they are not contained to the sink but stacked on every possible piece of bench space in the kitchen. I send the children to the bathroom to drink out of the tap when they are thirsty.

I cannot find a single pair of clean underwear that doesn't have a hole in it.

My feet hurt - God knows why but I thought I'd just throw that one in while I am at it.

But despite all this I am happy.
My favourite show returned last night and is safely taped in the little black television box thingy just waiting for me to get one hour of peace and quiet in which to watch it.

This is the only thing that is making today bearable.


Bird Bath said...

oh dear. sometimes things to start to feel insurmountable but I hope you find a few quite moments to enjoy your program. I was so pleased to be able to watch it last night....series three has been a long wait! hope your little one is on the mend soon and these trying days dissolve into a distant memory.

Leah said...

Thinking of you Ingrid! I don't have sick babies but still have kids drinking from the tap :p

chaletgirl said...

Oh god, I know your pain, you poor thing. All I can say is that it passes! It does! And one day again she will stop crying and sleep! Again! One day!

{I promise}

Little Munchkins said...

Oh you poor thing! That totally sucks...thank goodness for Mad Men!

Hope Kitty gets better soon xx

Sally said...

It is such a wonderful show isn't it. I just borrowed the second season from the library... I had to wait for ages on the reservation list - but when I got the email to tell me it was my turn I was almost bursting out of my skin with joy.
I can so relate to all the you describe ... winter is a tough time for mothers. I write with a sick little one sleeping in my bed next to me. I cannot move from the bed or she'll wake up and cry... so I sit here while the chaos in the rest of the house grows and grows and grows.

sophie said...

So sorry about your current situation - how exhausting. I hope little Kitty is feeling better soon and then you can have a rest!!

Miss Amy said...

hope that things become nice and healthy around your place soon. I hate it when the kids get sick :( Meanwhile... I HEARD that the madmen are auctioning off some dresses for charity... **i think** :)

Michelle said...

Oh, tonsilitis is the pits. My boy seems to be on a five week cycle - two weeks of antibiotics, good for three weeks then sick again. We are off to the specialist this week and hopefully they will take them out! Not that that helps you at all - I hope she is on the mend soon, and someone comes and does the laundry and dishes for you. Won't hurt the kids to drink from the bathroom tap for a while (and if you arne't leaving the house those holey undies don't matter) Hope you find time to enjoy your tv show soon too.

Karen said...

Oh Ingrid I am so sorry to hear that.
I hope she is on te mend soon so you can have some time to repair.