Thursday, March 31, 2011

all dressed up for a book parade

I know it isn't book week yet, but our school decided to do a book parade early this year so they could hold it on grandfriends day. It was a last minute job for both costumes. Will went as Harold Hutchins as he wasn't quite brave enough to spend the entire school day in just his underwear and go as his true hero, captain underpants. The clothes were easy, as Harold is a t-shirt and shorts wearing kid and for his 'bad haircut' I bought a hollywood glamour wig, cut the sides and back, teased the top and gave it a good blast of hairspray.

Lottie wanted to be Mildred Hubble. I made a quick black pini with a lightweight knit (yay, no need to hem!) which she wore with a white tee, striped socks, and purple sash. I used an Indian wig but cut off the feathered headdress so it was just the braids, which only just fitted under her witches hat. She even took a broom and her little furreal kitty to complete the look.


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Wonderful! I am both nervous and excited about the thought of having to do this in future book weeks.