Monday, March 28, 2011


What a fabulous weekend at sew-it-together! I had such a lovely time with all the girls. It was fabulous to finally meet a some bloggers who I have 'known' for ages, like Karen, Kylie and Leah, as well as making a whole pile of brand new friends. I bunked with these sweet ladies and it was just like being at school camp, bunk beds and all! Saturday was full of stitching, eating, swapping, crafting, shopping and laughing (not that I did much stitching, tracing a pattern was all I could manage in between all the other stuff). Saturday night was all about the great company and delicious food, not to mention some great dance moves and karaoke. Sunday morning was a farewell brunch and then a ferry trip home. Thank you so much Sheridan and Donna for all your hard work. Donna was my badge buddy. I am so glad I got to make something for such a swell girl.

And this is my haul from the goodie bags, door prizes, swaps and shopping trips, way too much to photograph individually. A big huge thanks to the swapping ladies in my group Lara, Gillian,Megan, Susie and Marisa.

I am really not used to late nights these day so I was feeling a bit tired and bedraggled after all the excitement, plus a nasty toothache decided to pay me a visit. But it was lovely to come home and hug the small ones and know I had been missed. My only complaint is that in my absence the baby somehow, somewhere discovered a whistle. Need I say more.


Eva said...

Hi Ingrid, the book with the little girl on the cover looks interesting. Have you any idea whether it's available in English? And/or who wrote it? Would love to get my hands on a copy.

ingrid said...

Eva, the book is a Japanese one from Kinokuniya. As far as I know these books are not available in English at all but if you have some basic garment construction skills and a bit of patience then you should be okay, as there are diagrams in the back to help you along.
The ISBN for this one is
Hope that helps, stay tuned for a post on all the lovely garments inside soon.

Karen said...

So very lovely to finally meet you after all these years Ingrid, you're a delight! Start planning for SIT Camberra 2012 - it should be fun.
Bummer about the whistle - we made that an 'outside' noise.

Helen said...

Sorry to hear your tooth is still hurting Ingrid! Go to the dentist woman!!!! Lovely bunking with you, Canberra next year??! x

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for my name tag. I thought it was the best one there. I love it.
It wsa great meeting you and thankyou so much for making my weekend fabulous.

Kylie said...

It was great to finally meet you Ingrid after all of these years on forums and emails:)
Had a great time and am already planning the next one - DH said I should do something like that more often:)

Megs said...

Great to meet you ingrid and be one of your swap buddies. How much fun was it! Can't wait for next year now!