Monday, March 14, 2011

vintage dress

One of my favourite parts of Kitty's nursery is the coat rack on the wall. Her room is painted white, with white furniture so I use the rack to display outfits and add some colour. Sometimes it will be a favourite dress that Lottie used to wear that I am waiting for her to grow into, or a special occasion dress, like the one she wore to the wedding that was hung on the rack for a few weeks in eager anticipation of being worn for the first time, or a dress that I have made that is waiting for finishing touches like hems and buttons, or sometimes it is a piece from my collection of vintage children's clothing.

This little dress arrived in the post this morning and was up on the rack in a flash. I love it's lolly pink brightness, teeny dots and old crumpled frills. I love everything about it, apart from the fact it is smaller than I expected and Kitty may never get to wear it. We will play dress-ups later in the week and I will see if I can squeeze her into it, if only for a quick photo.


Little Munchkins said...

Oh my, that dress is devine! It's so cute and adorable.

Suzy said...

I have a little rack on the wall of Milla's room that we use just the same way - such a nice way to show off special dresses. Right now it has a vintage sailor dress on it, waiting for some small repairs (and for Milla to double in size).

That pink number is gorgeous!

Clothes LIME Boutique said...

Just gorgeous Ingrid! I haven't caught up on your blog for ages... so off to do some reading, Katrina :-}