Friday, May 20, 2011

little clicks

Lottie took this photo as her entry for the blythe club competition. She was so funny and sweet setting it all up and getting it just right. It came out quite dark though as the light was fading, so I showed her picasa and let her play. She had so much fun making it bright, then black and white, then colour saturated, then all soft focus and then back to bright again. I amazed at the restraint she showed with her final version. It came out rather lovely I think.

She used my camera for this, but it is only a little point and shoot so very easy for her to handle. She does have her own but it is waterproof and such a hassle to get the memory card thing out of the casing to upload to the computer. I think it might be time for me to get myself a new camera and hand mine down to her.

We are joining in little clicks over at little love. I think we might have to make it a regular part of our week.


little love said...

What a great shot! Thanks for joining in! I'll get that linky sorted - I hope! xx

little love said...

Fixed! :)

Kylie said...

Please tell Lottie that I think her pic is terrific x

Emily Wind said...

Hello! Just letting you know that we did get charlotte's entry. Sorry we haven't replied to your email - we don't reply to any emails until we can do a 3 way skype to decide who replies to who, and we haven't done one in a while. Just thought I would let you know :-)

Love from Emily xoxo.