Monday, May 09, 2011

meet butter cake

Lottie drew this a few weeks ago in the school holidays. It was her entry for the Stella McCartney Kids competition. It has sat next to the computer all that time waiting for me to take a pic and place the entry. When I finally got around to it today, I discovered the competition was over!
Oh well, I guess Stella will just have to miss out on featuring the most fabulous kids design ever. Poor Stella.

It was only when I took the photo today that I noticed the words at the bottom. This little creature must be called 'butter cake'!


Kylie said...

oh what a shame you missed the entry date! Please tell Lottie that I think her design is amazing and I LOVE the name of it too...buttercake, how gorgeous!

bettina said...

Oh no, ms mcartney is missing out! Love it Lottie, I may have a art competition on my blog next month.

Duyvken said...

Lottie is a star!