Monday, May 16, 2011

time out with Florence

The little enforced blogger holiday last week had me all frazzled. I had two posts ready to go and was determined to try logging on every five minutes until they were up. I soon realised how ridiculous I was being and gave up completely. Instead I poured a cup of tea and settled down with this fabulous book (as well as seriously contemplating my computer addiction - I mean YIKES!!! - I was going crazy there for awhile).

I picked this up for half price at my local Angus & Robertson, who are in the middle of their liquidation sale. I was lucky enough to also pick up a Material Obsession book, a handful of cookbooks and a bundle of stories for the smalls. Now that I have a kindle I don't go into book stores very often and I had forgotten what a lovely way it is to waste a few hours.

If you are a fan of Florence Broadhurst then get your hands on this book. It tells the fascinating story of her life as well as being filled with gorgeous eye candy filled pages of her designs.

Tomorrow I will start catching up on those delayed posts. One is a KCWC post - including the finished coat.


Tania said...

She created some amazing wallpaper prints didn't she? I wish we had an Angus and Robertson nearby. Books never go on sale here :(

Karen said...

Seriously drooling - I love her designs, such a sad end to a vibrant life.
There was a fab special on her on ABC or SBS last year.

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

Isn't her story fascinating. I have a different book, less visual, but a page turner. A Life by Design by Siobhan O'Brien. I always think of her whenever I'm in the part of Paddington where her studio was.

kim rakes said...

haha, it's crazy what a grip technology has on us. i am trying to let go a bit more too, and try and be more "there" for my kids rather than get distracted by blog reading and emails.. i suppose i should spend 1 hour at the computer, 1 hour making things, and the rest being active with my kids and trying to losing my muffin top.

this book looks beautiful! i am unfamiliar with her, but now i need to know her! (: