Friday, June 24, 2011

from the op-shop

Last Saturday afternoon Lottie and I went op-shopping together. We are trying to find a little vintage suitcase - something like this one - for Sunny to travel in and store all her dresses. I have been looking for months now and still no luck. I have even been scouring ebay but very few seem to come up in Australia and the postage from the US would push it out of our price range. If you have a sweet little old suitcase hiding away somewhere and would be willing to part with it for a reasonable price please let me know. Even though we didn't find a case I did bring home a few goodies.

A lovely woollen coat for Lottie. The lining needs mending and it is a little scratchy but still very sweet. I am sure it will get worn over a few layers when we head to chilly Canberra next month.

A few sweet little knits for the Kitten - I love that belted vest!

A vintage tablecloth featuring Australian wild flowers and a few forks. We have a problem in this house with disappearing teaspoons and I think they must be going somewhere very exciting because the forks have decided to join them. So now I am adding cutlery collecting to my thrift shop expeditions. Hopefully these ones decide to stay.

If you like checking out wonderful thrifted goodies head over to lucy violet vintage. Kylie seems to find a never ending stream of treasures. I wish I could go op-shopping with her one day.


Emily Wind said...

Wow, that coat is GORGEOUS!! It is so utterly awesome!! It's such a great find!
Thats not good you can't find a vintage suitcase!! Maybe some elderly people you know may have one lying around somewhere??? We got ours of my Granny.
Love from Emily xoxoxoxoxo

Allana said...

Goodluck finding a little suitcase, they do seem to be quite rare in Aust.
Love the girls clothes, that coat is especially gorgeous!
there is something nice about vintage cutlery, and so much of it is lying in wait in oppie it seems a dreadful waste to buy new (even more so in your house where the fairies take it!)

Cass said...

I suppose you want something bigger than a makeup case. I might have one of those that would be suitable otherwise I will keep my eyes open

Edith's Closet said...

That coat is so pretty- love the colors!

Kylie said...

awww thanks for mentioning my little blog Ingrid...I would like to go op-shopping with you one day too x
Have you entered my give-away yet? It's a vintage tea towel just in case you're interested...
I hope you find a nice old case soon.

dixiebelle said...

Great finds, love the coat especially!

bettina said...

Such lovely finds, must have an op-shopping day in the holidays!

Tammi said...

Such gorgeous finds.
I found a similar tablecloth last week with NZ native birds on it and I can never pass up cutlery or knits :)

Off to read more of your blog.

Ashley said...

What great finds! REally really love that coat!