Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the gentlewoman

Do you read magazines?

Back when I used to commute to work each day I would read lots and lots. I would buy at least two or three every week. These days I buy hardly any. I read the trashy ones when I am at the hairdresser or doctor's office and I buy one every now and then if it catches my eye. Magazines were such a throw away thing for me back then whereas now I like to choose a good one and savour it. I read a lot online like Maeve, papier mache, babekins and la petite - they are so lovely and they are free! Buying a magazine seems like much more of a splurge. So when I do get a hard copy to curl up with in a chair I want lush pages, images that grab me and well written thought provoking content. I don't ask for much do I?
Frankie was a favourite for a long time but now it mostly makes me feel old, peppermint is lovely too but hasn't completely won my heart.

And then last week I stumbled across the gentlewoman and I know I have found my perfect magazine. Seriously - I am in love. I am only half way through, I am taking it slowly because I know I will be sad when I have finished. There are only two editions a year so I know I will be lusting after the next copy before it is even out. I am currently searching out the previous two issues which I missed to try and tide me over until issue #4.

Believe me, this is the best magazine I have read in a long long time. Go and buy it. You need it in your life. I mean who could look at that image of Adele on the cover and not want to take it home? Not me, that's for sure. I love the gentlewoman.

Sales pitch over.

I am off to curl up with my magazine and enjoy a quiet half an hour before the kids come home from school and the baby wakes up.


Bec Clarke said...

Love the look of that mag, I will have to check our some of the newsagents in Albury

Cass said...

You should check out Mollie Makes as well I think you would love it

Posie Patchwork said...

What a great cover shot & yay, sounds like a fantastic magazine. I'm kind of over magazines looking like a big bundle of ads lately, i know it's how they make their money but really, we'll stop buying them with that quality/ balance. I'll be on the look out for this magazine, love Posie

Jo - Dusty Plum said...

I agree about Frankie thanks for turning me onto something new :)

Kylie said...

How could anyone resist a mag with a cover like that! My favourite blue and Adele is gorgeous.
I know what you mean about Frankie making you feel old, I feel the same way. And Peppermint magazine is a bit hippy trippy for me even though I do like it.
Did you buy your copy from your local newsagency or did you subscribe? I really want to get my hands on a copy x

Karen said...

I too was a magazine whore until kids!! I used to justify them saying I 'had' to have them as it was research - you know - for work!!
Love the look of that mag though - I will now be hunting it down too - thanks for the heads up Ingrid.

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

Your sales pitch won me over. I saw this in the newsagents the other day but was too busy to stop and look. Will make time next time.

Very funny re Frankie. Me too.

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I too feel sad when I reach the end of a favourite magaizine. I hope the second half was just as amazing as the first. xx

Jennie said...

Anyone who says Frankie makes them feel old probably has my taste in magazines! I'll try to check out The Gentlewoman.