Monday, June 06, 2011

Look what I won!

Lucky me - I am the winner of the fabulous give away over at blythe blog! This gorgeous little headband is heading my way thanks to April. Her new shop sugar balloon is opening Monday US time. Head over there quickly and see if you can snap up one of her gorgeous goodies for yourself. She is even having a grand opening special of 5% off all orders if you use the code blytheblog.

Thanks so much April. I know Sunny will look super sweet in her new head band and I am sure she will share it with her new sisters that are coming home soon.

I have had a few anonymous comments asking where to buy blythe dolls from. I am no expert, being new to blythe myself, but you can find blythe dolls easily on ebay - although there have been a few fakes on there lately - it is a good idea to search the blythe flickr groups or join a blythe forum to find out more. Hobby Link Japan and Junie Moon are reputable sellers who ship to Australia and for peace of mind they are the places I would be buying from at the moment.


lizziedoesit said...

super cute! your daughters are gonna be so happy!!!
cant wait to see pictures!

Car said...

Sisters? ooh which ones did you choose in the end? DH bought me a Raspberry Sorbet for my birthday (I havent got any decent photos yet)

I saw on the net last night that Mr Toys Toyworld in Qld are stocking 4 Blythes - vicky lad, simpy vanilla and choc and one other? Might have to swing by and look at them!

Anonymous said...

I saw them for sale in David Jones, Sydney City store last week. They were on sale for $149.95 - not sure if this is a good price or not.