Thursday, June 09, 2011

kitty style {and lottie too}

I ended up missing Kitty style last week (we did get out of our pyjamas but I just plum forgot).
So this week you get a bonus kid playing along to make up for it.

Kitty is wearing another little dress from mislaidtreasures. It is the same as the dress she wore a few weeks ago but this one is brown & blue and the last one was navy & orange. Both dresses are favourites at the moment and she wears at least one of them each week.

Kitty wears
spencer - marquise
vintage dress as a top - mislaidtreasures
jeans - gap
shoes - converse

Lottie wears
leggings - gap
denim skirt - country road
boots - clarks

I took these photos at mini golf on the weekend. The kids went a bit crazy. Give a 6 year old boy a club and ball and he gets a weird look in his eye and a lunatic grin to match. Kitty just wanted to lick the golf balls. I tried stopping her the first three hundred and seventy two times but then gave up. My energy was better spent trying to control the 6 year old from accidentally clubbing strangers in the head. Of course Lottie played seriously - this kid thrives on competition.

More cute vintage loving kids are over at hart + sew, and even more mini fashionistas over at mama loves papa.


Corey Moortgat said...

yes, my 5 y.o. and 4 y.o. boys go crazy for mini golf. And my little girl just wants to hold a golf ball in each hand-then she's happy!

Adorable little top-I can see why it's a wardrobe staple!

kim rakes said...

ack! it's been awhile since i have participated, i miss it! i never pass up coming over to your blog to see the sweetness your girls are wearing though! so precious :)

Belinda said...

That is hilarious! Haven't tried mini-golf with the kids yet.... not even sure where they have it down this way anymore.

Changing Lanes said...

girl...what i want is lottie's tee from GAP. I love that! :)

Anonymous said...

All dressed up & wanting to lick golf balls, giggles!! What lovely girls & i wish my hair sat like Miss Kitty's - it's lovely!! Love Posie

Megsie said...

kitty is such a little pixie! I love her sweet dress, blue is gorgeous on her. i joined in this meme today, you inspired me Ingrid

sophie said...

They both look divine!

Kylie said...

Kitty looks so that dress and please tell Lottie that I think she looks too cool for school (but she'd better keep going!) I love her horsey tee.

Edith's Closet said...

Dear Miss Lottie & Miss Kitty,

You are both so stylish and sweet!

Stacy said...

how lucky to have TWO versions of that awesome frock! now i want to go mini golfing... i'll let you know if LM licks the balls, ha!

expatriababy said...

I'm really digging that little vintage dress / tunic.