Tuesday, June 07, 2011

we love our local library

Our local library runs a fabulous kids lego club. If you have a lego loving kid you will know how all consuming lego love is and how great it is to talk lego and build stuff and even better - build stuff with someone else's lego that you don't have at home! Will has so much fun and counts down the days to lego club each month. The library supplies all the lego and a few adults and older kids help run it. Will is already planning the creation he will make to take along next month for show and tell.

While he was busy creating I stocked up some new books - lots of lovely embroidery books for me and some Ottoline for Lottie, as well as a big bundle of books for the Premiers Reading challenge.
I love our local library. As well as having a great selection of books and fabulous free activities they also have book gnomes - how cute is that!


sophie said...

Mona Vale library?

Fran said...

How cool is that. While I love my local library we definately don't have any cool clubs like that going on!

AngieK said...

A lego club is such a cool idea. Perfect for summer!

kim rakes said...

a lego CLUB?! REALLY?! i want in! and i also want a little boy so we can start our own chapter here in virginia. how fun!