Friday, July 15, 2011

winter holiday snaps

Just a few holiday snaps. We spent five days at the snow and then five days in Canberra. The snow was magical. There was close to 60cm of snow over our first two nights there and even a blizzard and a blackout. Lucky we had an open fireplace to keep us warm overnight. The next few days we had clear skies and mountains of fluffy white snow to play in. It was amazing.

Sadly for most of the Canberra part Kitty and I were tucked up in a warm apartment or at the doctors or the hospital. At least Mr Big and the older kids got to do some exploring.

I haven't forgotten about my promised give-away, but I probably won't get it organised until early next week. I am caught up in a whirlwind of birthday celebrations and baking right now. My sweet lovely husband had a birthday while we were on holiday and because the sick girl came first it meant he came last - no card, no cake - just a few drawings from the kids and a kisses and hugs. I am hoping to make up for it a bit this weekend. And this wee girl is turning two on Sunday! She still has chicken legs and a grumpy face but we won't be trading her in any time soon.


Tammi said...

Growing up in NZ I never knew that Australia had snow! We always had the perception of it being such a hot and tropical place :)
Your images are gorgeous.

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

Snow-covered gum trees are one of my favourite things. So, so beautiful.

Naturally Carol said...

You've just reminded me of how extraordinary those snow gums are with their twisted forms..thank you!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yay for visitors to Canberra, but boo that you were unwell. I love the Snowy Mountains, so spoilt living so close to them, although the blizzards & huge snow dumps keep us frozen solid in Winter. Love Posie

Helen said...

Wow! Snow!!! What is that white stuff?? We have just come back from camping at the Bungle Bungles and you have been frolicking in the snow! Happy Blogiversary too! x