Wednesday, August 03, 2011

kitty style

After four children I thought I had almost reached my quota of toddler tantrums and high pitched squealing but Kitty seems to think she is the first kid to come up with these lovely spectacles and must therefore perform them as often as possible. Of course she saves the award winning performances for when we are out in the public - the supermarket has great acoustics. The most high pitched squeals and accompanying scowls are saved for sweet elderly people who just might happen to smile at her or heaven forbid say hello. To keep up her best form she maintains a rigourous practice schedule at home.
She is dedicated, I will give her that.

So of course when it was kitty style photo time this week and Kitty decided to sit down for all of three shots, do a few dance moves then leave in protest and throw herself on the floor when I made her come inside, I could have bribed her (with sweets) or tried to negotiate (with sweets) or just given her the whole darn bag of sweets and gone off to practice my own tantrums and squealing and heck I could have even thrown in some door slamming too. Instead we went to playgroup and I let her take out some of her pent up toddler frustration on a basket of plastic fruit and the paints on the craft table while I made do with these crummy photos - this week this dear readers this is as good as it gets.

Kitty wears
bow - belongs to her big sister
white spencer as a tee - marquise
vintage cardigan - mislaidtreasures
skinny jeans - gap
shoes - converse

We are linking up with all the cute kiddos over at small style and little vintage style again this week.


Sugarpetite said...

I bet she's still just as cute when she's mad. Ha! My Louisa (rosebud)can be a "little" dramatic too. Your such a good and wise mama! I love her sweater and jeans. :)

~ Elizabeth

Kylie said...

You call these photos crummy Ingrid? I don't think so...I think they're great. Kitty looks cool in her little black skinnies and Cons...perfect outfit for a little girl with a bit of an attitude. It's hard work being a Mum...sometimes x

Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said...

ack! That kitty is one cool cat, not that the tantrums are fun.. sorry you're having to deal with those so much... but you still have one fabulous lil' sweetie there!

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Surely that sweet face wouldn't throw tantrums?! shock horror! hehe. She is one cool looking kid nonetheless. :)

Posie Patchwork said...

I refuse to believe any of this, she is a doll. My 1st was quite the tantrum artist, at the end of the day, very smart, trapped in the body & verbal abilities of a toddler. Her twin sisters watched on, learned & cruised through. Numero quattero missed the first performance & is very similar personality as his biggest sister & brought the tantrum back. I was over it, especially when the girls were in school & it was just me with him, i looked like a zoned out first time mother letting him have his moment & promptly ignoring him, never giving in & just insisting everyone else simply carry on around him. At least you know the other end too, teens, aren't they fun & predictable?? Love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

PS loving the clothes, i dressed me children top to toe cool & loved it, fashion was my hobby, still is, Country Road Spend & Save this week anyone?? Love Posie

small + friendly said...

I think her attitude goes with her super cute look. I love the black skinny jeans and that sweater is too much!

Corey Moortgat said...

That whole first paragraph could be describing my Avery! Especially when it comes to people smiling at or talking to her- you should see the look she can give to those people!

Her outfit is so stylish- such a cool girl! Love the little converse!

And btw, I don't have that Ginny bike you were wondering about!!

Tammi said...

You could well have been describing out fifth...he certainly knows how to throw a tantrum and outdoes his siblings all put together.
She looks super groovy.

gabrielle said...

Kitty looks adorable in the pics although I fully get the 4th child tantrums..we just step over Arlo on the floor telling him he's no.4 and we are immune to toddler tantrums now. The cardigan is gorgeous but having followed your last link to Mislaidtreasures I have to say my visa looks rather sad but my mailbox is expected some 70s boy fabulousness--wow she has some great stuff

erica @ expatriababy said...

I am in LOVE with the second picture. What a pout!
It is hard to believe that the sweet wee girl we usually see in these photos is capable of such epic tantrums (but I DO believe it; I know full well these are coming my way pretty soon as my girl grows!)
Anyway...sorry about the screaming. ON the bright side, your girl is adorable.

Lil Muse Lily said...

too funny! she looks too sweet to perform such tantrums. great shots either way!

Karen said...

Love those skinny jeans Ingrid - gorgeous look today, the clothes - not the one Kitty is giving the camera!!

little love said...

Bah! Still cute! I love'em witha bit of attitude, but then I have to, my two girls are full of it! Love the cardi! xx

Stacy said...

yep, get those about once a day and aren't they fun? :) today i literally walked the whole neighborhood holding LM while she cried and flailed because she wanted to spend the night at her friends house. most of the time i can laugh about it, gratefully!

and even though she is pouting, she looks so cute! :)