Monday, October 24, 2011

canberra markets

We spent the weekend in Canberra to meet a new baby cousin. Yesterday morning we popped into the old bus depot markets. I was actually a bit disappointed and only came home with a box of cherries. Oh well, I guess I saved some pennies.

I did see a lovely rack of vintage dresses and lots of delicious sweet treats. But sadly none of the dresses were right for me and I said no to the sweets because otherwise I will never have a hope of being able to find any vintage dresses that fit. *sigh*


Naturally Carol said...

I bet those cherries are delicious though! When I lived in Canberra I used to visit those markets regularly with my daughter. I think all markets go through dull periods then pick up again.

beka {ginger*urchin} said...

...that rack of vintage frocks looks like it could be a wonderful wardrobe for playing dress-up, even if you came home empty handed... cherries are so delicious: alas our cherry season is now 3 months past and we have to wait 'til next summer for more :( of course, now's a good time for cherry pie, which just at the thought, makes me hungry for a bite!