Friday, October 14, 2011

happy birthday dad

My dad turns 80 today. Happy birthday dad! This is the first time in years the whole family will be here to celebrate. One sister moved home from the US last year and another flew in from Perth yesterday so it will be all five children and fifteen grandchildren tomorrow. I will have to make sure to get a photo of that. We have been so busy catching up and getting ready for the party that I had to skip Kitty style this week.

Anyhoo that is me and my older sister pictured with my dear sweet dad. I am the dark haired one, I think I would have been about 16 or so in this picture. My hair was actually really long back then but it was tied back in this picture. I must have been at the beach all day - I look quite sunburnt (and wasting entire days at the beach is generally what I did back then). My sister is a hairdresser - can you tell?


Kylie said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. Have a great weekend:)

Cass said...

Great photo, happy birthday to your dad

Bianca said...

what a special birthday! he must have loved having you all together.