Monday, November 14, 2011

i got tickets!

Are you going to the Sydney festival? I missed out on tickets to pj harvey but I snapped up a few for beth orton. I will be taking one my best girlfriends to celebrate her 40th birthday. I may take the kids to see holly throsby as well. Her kids album 'see' is magical and on high rotation in the car at the moment. This tune is a favourite.

What is everyone listening to in your house?


Cass said...

Thinking of taking the kids to Holly Throsby too. I think she is playing at parramatta.

Rachael said...

Lucky ladies - sounds great. x

magie said...

Have a great time. Love the music cute with the moving furniture :)

Corrie said...

oh I love beth orton! oh you lucky thing.

I haven't popped by for ages but oh my goodness the pictures of kitty are as if i was looking at your lottie:) she's so grown up!