Monday, November 07, 2011

lil' vintage story books - naughty mr fox

I'm late with my lil' vintage story book again this week. oh well, better late than never.

I picked up this little vintage book at the op-shop years ago when Lottie was a baby and it has been a favourite of mine ever since. The pictures are beautiful and it has animals in clothes which I love. The funny thing is that in this book some of the animals are dressed and live in little houses, like Mr Hedgehog, but others like the deer and rabbits seem to be naked and living wild - but they can all talk of course, and are always referred to as Miss Deer, Mr Fox, Miss squirrel and so on.

The book has very scant information - no author, no illustrator, no publication date, just the name and place of publication, Keesmaat Bros., Holland.

Why not go and visit Corey and see more lovely story books and all the other vintage goodness over on her blog.


Corey Moortgat said...

I was writing a new post when I saw your submission come through! What a cute book! I love how colorful the illustrations are, and my favorite is the one with her on the deer! I love the short dresses girls wore with bloomers then- I wish our girls could wear such short dresses without it being considered in bad taste!

Betsy said...

How cute! I've never seen this book, but the illustrations are so vivid. I loved the red-and white checked tablecloth at the end. I too love books with dressed-up animals as characters.

Also thank you for commenting on my blog! It's been fun to find other vintage children's book lovers.