Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in the city

I remember going into the city each year as a child to visit santa, see the magical window displays and the huge tree in Martin Place. I loved it each and every time. Now I take my children and hopefully it will make magical memories for them.

It was very hard to get good photos of anything with bustling shopping crowds and many of the displays behind windows, but we did get a santa photo at the Queen Victoria Building after a three hour wait. Santa was so busy that you needed to leave your mobile number and the Christmas fairy sent us a text when it was our turn. We spent the three hours wandering up to David Jones Elizabeth Street to see the beautiful Christmas windows and we did lots of people watching and visited a few of the special shops in the QVB.

I was so proud of the children. They were all so well behaved and we had a wonderful time.

No Kitty style this week, things are just too busy. I will definitely take a photo of her on Christmas day to feature next week. She will be wearing a beautiful vintage dress from one of my favourite places.


Kylie said...

Love the pic with Father C Ingrid, my parents always took us for a drive into the city at night to look at all the Christmas lights and we did the same with our girls but they are too "sophisticated" for such things now. Sniff.
I can't believe you had to wait three hours and that the Chrissy fairy sent you a text! How times have changed!
Have a lovely, lovely Christmas x

ruby may said...

Yes I remember going into the city to see the windows at Myer here in Melbourne. I'm sort of glad I have this Christmas off, as in Casper doesn't know what's going on yet!

Fran said...

the photo was worth the wait, it's a beauty! I'm sure the kids will have fond memories of this lovely tradition.
Happy Christmas and all the best for 2012!