Tuesday, January 03, 2012

dolly mail

What a wonderful start to the New Year. My Meowsy Wowsy Blythe Minnou is finally here! She is still in her box. Maybe tomorrow I will get her out. For now she looks so sweet and snug in there so I am enjoying her all boxed up and looking pretty up on my shelf.

Oh how I love dolly mail!


Janelle Wind said...

WOW, she is beautiful!! I am so glad to hear that she finally arrived for you too. You are so good to not debox her straight away. I look forward to seeing more pics of this beauty. Congratulations xx Janelle

Tammy said...

Oh she is gorgeous! I have a soft spot for read heads! I'm looking forward to seeing more too!

Cath said...

Ingrid... I have not got into the Blythe thing... But she is truly gorgeous!!!!!