Thursday, February 09, 2012

the dolly complaints department - notice #1

Dear lady,
Why is the new girl always wearing my clothes? I don't mind sharing now and then but this is getting kind of ridiculous, especially when she insists on wearing my favourite dress for days on end. I would appreciate you taking care of this as soon as possible.
love always from your #1 dolly,

Hmmmm, pennies are tight at the moment so I guess it is time to get sewing.

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beka {ginger*urchin} said...

Dear Dolly,

Our mommy is just as hopeless. We have been sitting/laying about either starkers or in the same clothes for almost an entire year which explains why you haven't seen our faces for so long! o_O However, there is hope: now that there are some mini pixies flitting about the sewing bug is filling her head with lots of ideas for new clothings. We will cheer her on and encourage this renewed enthusiasm :)

Here's to new and pretty clothings!

~ The Urchins