Saturday, February 25, 2012

a little bit of sunshine

Lovely miss lizzie over at peach on earth gave me the sunshine award this week. How nice is that! Thank you miss lizzie.

I often debate with myself over what kind of content to put in this little old blog. Whether to stick to the pretty and sunshiny or include the every day mess and drudgery. But by trying to stick to the nicer stuff I find myself actively looking for the sunshine - seeking out the beauty in what is otherwise boring and ordinary. Surely that is a good thing. Of course little bits of ho hum are still here - that is life. But I like to think of this as my happy place, so as far as I am concerned spreading the sunshine is what it is all about.

The award comes with some questions and a pass it on card to five more blogs. Rather than naming five I am going to open it up to anyone who has a sunshine filled blog and would like to share. Why not leave a comment with your blog link so I can pop over and pay you a visit.

Here go the questions

favourite colour - yellow and aqua or maybe pink and orange - I just can't decide
favourite animal - tigers - just because I have been visting the new tiger cubs at the zoo a lot lately and I am marveling at how fast they are growing. Kitty sleeps with 5 little schleich tigers in her bed each night, so I think they are her favourite too.
favourite non alcoholic drink - coffee or water
facebook or twitter - neither really - I just can't keep up.
favourite number - none in particular although I do like odds more than evens
passion - reading and fostering a love of books in my children
getting or giving presents - well getting is nice but giving is nicer because that way I get to pick and I get to wrap it up too!
favourite pattern - hmmm, florals probably, you can't beat a big messy print of cabbage roses
favourite flower - lots and lots - but freesias are special because they spring up all over my front lawn each spring and announce that summer is on its way.


Narelle Heath said...

Reading blogs is a bit of an escape from the everyday drudgery of life, so I think mostly sunshine is a good thing (although a bit of "real life" every now and then is nice too).

Ana said...

You have such a lovely blog. Lizzie is so sweet to pass on the sunshine, I love her blog too. I guess you can call my blog a little sunshine blog.

Kate M said...

Ummm hello there!!
I just googled Marcel Marlier, upon recommendation from my friend. And here I am! And notice I'm in your places to visit in February. How uncanny? I've just been nosing around. Beautiful blog. Lovely children!!! About to check out your daughters blog too!
So anyway, nice to 'meet' you & I've enjoyed my visit.
Thank you! Kate M xo