Tuesday, February 14, 2012

macaroons and cupcakes

This is what I spent my weekend baking and eating. Delicious, fattening and oh so indulgent. My poor little macaroons are a bit grainy and crackled looking and a little on the fat side but they did taste delicious. I had help by the way. I went to a macaroon baking and cupcake decorating workshop with two lovely friends (including this talented lady) and it was a whole lot of fun. My little macaroons will never be up to this standard but I think they are a pretty good first effort.
{the yellow ones were made by the chef by the way, the crooked pink ones are mine}

Isn't that laduree website magical? I think I need a trip to Paris.


Monique said...

Ooh, they were yummy weren't they. Yours look fluffy and yummy and the colours on the cupcakes are beautiful. Mine lasted until Sunday night, I had to fight the kids off every hour. Hubby was impressed too. Thanks for a lovely fun chatty day. X

Cass said...


magie said...

Those looks far too good..yummy!

the little knitter who could said...

Macaroons... swoon..... I'm going to dream of the tonight

Brenda said...

Your macaroons look super! I've been longing to try making these for a long time, maybe soon (I first tried a couple of years ago.......they came out utterly flat and broke my heart)

lizziedoesit said...


I'm sending you the sunshine award for being so lovely on the internet all the time :)



Morgan said...

What are you talking about? Those macaroons look amazing. YUMMMM!