Friday, March 02, 2012

a long time between finds

I have all but given up on thrifting these days. It seems as though my local stores are full of trash and that is real trash not the treasure kind, and to top it off the prices have gone crazy. Last time I went there was a kids kmart t-shirt marked at $6. It's crazy I tell you. I could buy that very shirt brand new direct from kmart for the same price or less. Add to that the fact I have to drag around a toddler and it all just gets too hard. I have found such lovely stores on etsy to fulfill my need for vintage clothing but I do miss the homeware vintage goodies. The shipping rules them off my etsy list so I really haven't added anything to my collection for a long time. But when we were away on holidays I did find a bundle of treasures at a little roadside market.

I spotted this framed print when a lady was carrying it around tucked under her arm. I became the crazy stalker lady following her and waiting to see if she bought it. Lucky for me she changed her mind and left it behind. It was in my hot little hand in seconds. The mister and I stayed in Paris right near Notre Dame while we were on our honeymoon so this print is extra special. I won't be hanging it on the wall, I think it will just sit propped on my bedside table for awhile.

These crochet beauties made up the rest of my treasure. the colours are delicious. the top one is only small, and is perfect on Kitty's cot. The bottom one is huge and will easily fit a single bed. I am saving it for one of the kids bedrooms when we reshuffle them later in the year. I think we are going to put the girls in together and finally give William a room of his own. Which reminds me that I really will have to get around to taking photos of Kitty's sweet little nursery bedroom before she moves out. I have to have a keepsake of that space where she spent those first few years all snuggled and precious.


little love said...

I totally hear you on the trash front - and the ridiculous prices! Last time I went out with my girls Lily found a cute tiny foot stool she wanted, I was thinking oh yeah, it should be around $5 but it was priced at $40!

Karen said...

Clearly whoever works behind the counter has not seen the Kmart adds with all the astonished round mouth women.
$6 - they're dreaming!
Love the haul this time Ingrid.

gabrielle said...

great finds, the oppy's here have gone a bit crazy price wise too, especially red cross and hospice. I find the little church ones run by little old ladies are the only good places for adult vintage and housewares now....luckily the big ones don't seem to have cottoned on to the value of kids vintage yet

AJ said...

Let me know if you see another print like that Ingrid ;) I love it!

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