Saturday, March 31, 2012

pink milk + new shoes + a vomit

I thought Kitty was better. I truly did. So I took her out for a pink milk with Opa. She was fine, dancing around, playing with the sugar sachets, charming the other customers. She was so improved we went shoe shopping. It was almost lunch time so I picked up some baby sushi, just the plainest kind of rice and cucumber. I was paying for the shoes, Kitty was in her stroller, I was planning the lovely quiet lunch I would have when I got home and put her down for her nap. And that was when it happened, Kitty's Oscar winning impersonation of that kid from the exorcist. I will leave out the gory details and finish with the good news which was that the shoes escaped unharmed. I must also express my gratitude to the lovely helpful shop assistant who barely batted an eyelid despite the fact that the radius of the damage was more than you could ever think possible from a child who was strapped in a stroller and also that the shop was carpeted. She later told me she was a mother of three, I guess that explains her stoic sense of calm in the face of such a calamity.

So here are the new shoes. They are pretty much exactly the same colour as the vomit.


OliversForest said...

get better kitty so you can go out and play in your cute new shoes!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you posted the picture of the shoes and not the vomit. ;) Oh the stories of motherhood...have a nice weekend.

Karen said...

Oh Ingrid - two good things there - the shoes remaining unscathed and the very helpful shop assistant - it could have been made much worse if she's was young and childless!!

AJ said...

We have our own 'pink milk' spew story in our family...and a quilt to go with it...the one that wore most of the spew!! Hope she is feeling better!

Lizeylou said...

Vomit is just wrong ... why was it ever invented?
The shoes on the other hand - they are cool, no doubt about that!

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