Wednesday, March 21, 2012

waiting for snow white

These little guys have been patiently waiting in the back of my wardrobe for snow white to come along. I bought them last year and had grand plans to make a snow white outfit for my blythe doll betsy and then do a magical photo shoot. But like most of my crafting intentions they get postponed and forgotten. I am easily distracted and have a tendency toward laziness. Anyhoo I came across these poor little fellas and thought they deserved a little time out from the wardrobe, even if it was only for one afternoon.

Aren't they the cutest little guys ever? They have so much detail and even though their beards need straingtening and their faces need a wash they are still full of charm. I hope snow white comes along soon. They really do deserve a pretty lady in their lives.


Carmel Morris said...

Betsy would make a lovely Snow White. You need a shiny, shiny red apple for her.

Jessica said...

Oh, what a darling set! I'm very jealous.