Tuesday, June 26, 2012

blythe fest 2012

Charlotte and I attended our first Blythe event on the weekend. It was so much fun with so many goodies. The organisers did an absolutely amazing job. There were competitions, giveaways, a candy bar and so so many lovely dolls to look at.

An absolutely dreamy Princess a la mode

 A table full of delightful dollies

Miss Skye wearing her marshmallow dress
Charlotte's entry in the best dressed candyland theme category for under 15's

 'Lulachu' a beautiful girl customised by ChuThings and wearing an amazing outfit crocheted by TamsArt

Minnou, Betsy, Piper and Muffin
Piper is a Miss Sally Rice doll who belongs to a friend of mine. Hopefully I will have my own MSR one day soon

This girl had the most beautiful hair. 
I am normally drawn to the really pale girls but this golden sweetie was adorable

Two beautiful girls on the competition table 'Addie' in the front had the most amazing lips and outfit. She belongs to Jen

'Finch' was the girl that completely stole my hear on the day. She is just the perfect doll. What a lucky doll mumma Mandy is.

There are lots more pics of day over in the flickr group.


kuku fashion australia said...
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tikki said...

Oh that does look like fun! So many gorgeous dolls.
Our poor Blythe is in desperate need of some clothes, can you suggest some good places, Ingrid?

tikki said...
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tikki said...
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Sandi said...

Wonderful snaps! Thanks for sharing, I was so disappointed that I couldn't attend . . . looks like I really missed a fantastic event!

Katie Saarikko said...

I had such fun :) Was nice to meet all the other Blythe people and finally not feel CRAZY for playing with dolls.