Friday, June 29, 2012

Kitty style {styled by Lottie}

Lottie is home sick and after lots of couch time, lots of movies and lots of dolly play with Kitty she decided to take on the role of Kitty's personal stylist. This is the result. Kitty wore it all day yesterday and has donned pretty much the same again today. Every time anyone suggests she is a clown she gets upset and says no this is her swimming clothes. Not sure where she is planning on swimming in this get-up but she sure looks like a clown to me.

kitty wears
cherry spencer top  - kmart
red velvet pants - gap
dance outfit - hand-me-down from her big sister
clown wig - bottom of the dress up box


gabrielle said...
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gabrielle said...

I think whether she swims in it or not it's a fabulous outfit, hope Lottie feels better soon

Fran said...

I think this is my most favourite post EVER :))))))))))))))

Bettina said...

LOVE it girls, great post Ingrid x

Bettina said...

Loving this outfit girls very carnivale' great post Ingrid x