Thursday, June 14, 2012

kitty style comes back

I am easing back into kitty style with some pics I took the other day. This is standard attire these days - pants, chucks and a tee. She did put on a vintage cardigan when we headed out later in the day but really this is pretty much as fancy as it has been the last few weeks.

I don't normally buy much at kmart as I find the quality really crap and the fit is usually short and wide which is terrible on my kids but I picked up a few tees there the other week for Kitty for $5 each and they are all really great. So I went back and got a few more for Lottie and some of them were only$3 each! You can't beat that. I bought some tees from Zara a few weeks ago, paid almost $20 each and a few of them are cut so strangely that they don't even fit over Kitty's head. So they will be going back but a trip to the city just to return some poorly made tops is the last thing I feel like doing right now.

kitty wears
tee - kmart
leggings - gap
shoes - converse
velvet bow - gymboree

I will be linking up with small style over at mama loves papa as soon as it is up for the week.


Ang said...

Beautiful girl. I love her converse funky!

OliversForest said...

oh kitty... i've missed you!

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

cute top from kmart. I agree their stuff is pretty cruddy at times but sometimes you can't beat $5 or less! Sorry you've had a rough time lately and hope things are picking up. :)

magie said...

The t-shirt is really cute..great price as well! :)
Magie x

gabrielle said...

great to see some Miss Kitty style again, sorry to hear about your Dad, glad the surgery went well.

bettina said...

Kitty is always gorgeous. Let me know if you want any Zara or H&M way cheaper over here, girls tees 5euro at Zara which is 7aus.
Miss you guys. x

Posie Patchwork said...

OH that Kitty is so sweet & growing beautifully. People always bag me as i stick to Fred Bare, Seed & Country Road for my 4 children, but they are the only clothes which ever fit!! Kmart & Target quality can totally differ & the sizes never fit. Plus with handmedowns, i can easily get 3 children out of most clothes, lucky my son at the end can get away with his sister's jeans, even at age 8. Love Posie

Jonathan said...
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