Thursday, June 28, 2012

looking for a dolly salon

Minnou was pleased to finally get some clothes of her own. She was sick of wearing Betsy's little girl outfits. This crochet dress from TamsArt is perfect for her. Even though I have been slow to fall in love with Minnou and have decided to get her customised I will never change her hair. Meowsy Wowsy's is the most fabulous rich red shade and photographs differently depending on the light. Sometimes it is deep red others more russety and it just keeps getting fuller and fuller each time I wash it. It isn't as heavy and lush as Betsy's, who is a nostalgic pop, but it is fabulous in it's own way.

Now I just need to find a customiser. It seems as though everyone I have approached doesn't have any open slots or even an open list that I can get on. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would prefer someone here in Australia but am willing to send her overseas if I find the perfect dolly salon for her.


Bec @ honi design said...

Chu does lovely customs- shed in Australia. I found her on the we play with dolls forum (chu things although I think her name is marina???)

Bec @ honi design said...

Oh and maybe get in contact with jenelle wind- she's had quite a few girls curtomised or... Give it a go yourself??? It seems scary but I managed some basic customs details myself like sanding, eye direction change and some lip carving. The puchi collective has loads of tutorials. Good luck!