Tuesday, July 17, 2012

happy birthday kitty

My sweet Kitty turned three today. We celebrated yesterday with a tea party in the park and today there will be more cake and cuddles and lovely three year old kisses.

 Kitty loves lalaloopsy dolls, cats, dressing up, eating honey sandwiches and dried blueberries and having snuggles on the couch. She does not like eating vegetables, having a nap, brushing her hair or wearing socks. Happy birthday miss Kitty, I love you to the moon and back

kitty wears
white tee - target
vintage slip as a dress - mislaidtreasures
cardigan - cotton on kids
leggings - hand-me-down
shoes - converse
and a cardboard birthday crown


Sheridan said...

Kitty is THREE?? How can that be??

Happy birthday, gorgeous girl!!

AJ said...

Happy Birthday Kitty! Hope you have had a great day...sure looks like you did!

Karen said...

Happy birthday to you Miss Kitty - wow time flies!
Hope you had a great day Ingrid.

gabrielle said...

Happy birthday to your big 3yr old girl, looks like a fabulous tea party

Cass said...

Happy birthday little Miss Kitty hope you had a wonderful day

Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said...

Oooooooo goodness! Three!! Happy birthday purrrfect kitty, and that means our girl's 3rd is right around the corner this Oct.. eeep.
Such sweet pics - and treats there!
Hope you guys are all doing lovely!
Needle and nest

Natalie said...

Happy birthday to Kitty, looks like she had a wonderful day :)

Bettina said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kitty! Wow can't believe she's 3 already, wish I was there to celebrate. xxo

OliversForest said...

happy birthday sweet kitty! looks like you had a lovely day!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Kitty, you gorgeous girl. We are so sorry we missed it but will visit soon. Auden says, "Can we visit Kitty, mummy?" every other day. It will happen! Love Cindy x

m.e (Cathie) said...

kitty is just gorgeous!!
hope she is enjoying being 3 ♥