Friday, July 06, 2012

Kitty style

It is school holidays and yesterday we left the house for the first time all week and it was only for a trip to the doctor. This nasty flu has taken us all down and poor William now has a secondary chest infection and an ear infection.  At least it meant that we got out of our pyjamas and I could take some Kitty style pics. She wasn't too impressed with the hat but she loves the buttons on the cardi and the pocket on the skirt is the perfect place to store 'bun bun' her favourite lalaloopsy  doll.

Hopefully next week we will get out and have some holiday fun. One of our local shopping centres has set up an ice skating rink and the kids are bursting to try it out. We also missed a movie date this week to see Brave so that will be on our to-do list for next week as well.

Kitty wears
tee - marquise
cardigan - cotton on kids
skirt - misha lulu
tights - gymboree


Beatriz Eugenia Andrade Iturribarría said...


magie said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the flu bug, sounds like an awful fun :(
I hope everyone feels better soon.
Enjoy the ice skating!
I just adore Kitty's outfit..especially the skirt (just adorable).
Magie x

Duyvken said...

She's the cutest little cat! We've all had that flu too, it is awful!